Chandni Supawala

It's determination and passion for your work that gets you up and out at 2am, to travel hours for a 6am start. It's creativity that keeps you energised. It's meeting new people from all walks of life brought together with a love for art. Art. That's what we want to create. That's what I see modelling as. Discovering new ways to create art is an achievement I strive for. 

When "Different attracts adversity", follow your instincts. The reality is, if I would have listened to opinions, I wouldn't be working as a Professional Model, nor would I have this website displaying parts of my success from where I was to where I am now. Whatever the future holds, I can happily say I have no regrets. I feel blessed to be working as a model and actress, to have loving, caring people in my life and to anyone reading this today, not follow your calling is a crime to yourself.


Inspire. Aspire. Achieve.